Rebuild Your Body After Umbilical Hernia Surgery (Video 2)

In this second video, I answer more of your questions. You’ll learn how long rebuilding your body will take and how hard it will be. Also, you’ll learn how many sets and how long to stay in the “hollow hold.”

Plus, you’ll learn about rectus abdominis diastasis (RDA). This is a long medical term for a split in your top abdominal muscle, and it’s the top reason why your rebuild might fail.

You’ll learn all about RDA, how to tell if you have it, and how to approach your exercises so you will be able to rebuild your body stronger than ever!

We have one more video left. So, if you have any questions or thoughts, comment below.

About Sarah Stockett

Hi, I'm Sarah! After going through umbilical hernia repair, I recovered and used simple exercises to rebuild my abs so they're stronger than ever. Let me help you do the same.

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