Having an umbilical hernia can be stressful and kind of scary.

For as long as you can remember, your belly button hasn't caused you pain or discomfort. Then, all of a sudden, things change.

Your body has betrayed you.

Now, you have a hole that's letting your inner-most organs escape.

It's stressful. It's confusing. And, honestly, it's a little scary.

But, there's good news...

umbilical hernia

I believe you can recover + rebuild your body to be better than ever after your umbilical hernia repair.


Knowing what to do before + after your umbilical hernia surgery to save you pain + stress.

Easy exercises to help you rebuild after surgery.

Feeling stronger than ever!


Hi, I'm Sarah!

It took me a long time to realize my umbilical hernia was causing my hip and low back pain. Happily, once my umbilical hernia was fixed, my body started feeling better. The key to getting rid of the pain completely was rebuilding my post-surgical body.

I have been helping people use simple exercises to recover from injuries and surgeries since 2004, so I took what I knew about recovering from abdominal surgeries and created a plan to rebuild my abs from scratch. Now, my body is stronger and feeling better than ever!

But, what if you had a guide to lead you?

It wouldn't be nearly as scary, would it?

Sometimes, all we need is to know that a friend who understands is there for us if we need help.

And, that's me.

I've had an umbilical hernia, had it fixed, recovered, and rebuilt my core so I feel stronger than ever!

The questions, the doubt, the anxiety—I've been there.

And now, I'm here for you.

I'm here to answer your questions and then, once you've healed from your surgery, I'm here to teach you what you need to do to rebuild your body.

When you become part of the Umbilical Hernia Surgery Recovery community,

you'll join forces with over a hundred people who have had umbilical hernia surgery, recovered, and rebuilt their bodies. Just click here to join us.

Want some extra support?

The journey through umbilical hernia diagnosis, repair, and recovery can be long and lonely. During this time, it’s good to have a friend to talk to, someone who understands what you’re going through. 

Feel free to email me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!